Sunday, November 2, 2008

So, sanity again:

This pertaining to the previous post--and the interesting comments. Allow me to ask a semi-rhetorical question:

Is it possible to achieve and maintain sanity without simplicity?

I don't believe so. Between Jill and a stroke and Eckhert or whatever his name is with absolutely ultra indulgent destructively delusional naval gazing--which probably does more damage to your head--we see two people who have claimed to see another type of "ultimate" reality by withdrawing utterly from it, in a very real sense.

But, there is a grain of truth in the whole issue to that "living in the moment" business. Of course, we would all desire to be able to live lives of compassion and with our senses wide open to the world around us. The problem, however, is that we're utterly shell shocked by bad karma at every corner that it takes near death experiences to get at it.

So I think there really is a place for as much as possible removing the toxic stimuli in every way imaginable--if at least for the short term to try to lose the "twitch" endemic in modern society.

The problem is that we treat the issue as neurotic modern people might. We take pills, drink, lie to ourselves or fantasize about the divine light to obscure the fact that our lives are far too full of anxiety inducing encounters. This gets in the way of one's dharma. What we need to do is treat our lives not with the attitude of a therapist, but as a technician--assuming from the start one can fix the problem, identifying the issues, and moving ahead to solve them.

Once we look at the issue from a technical perspective--as in all engineering, the fast track to reliable performance is indeed simplification. It is not impossible to create complex and reliable machines, it is just very very difficult, and within the time frame of an adult life there simply aren't enough allocatable man hours to get the job done. . .

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jbs said...

Well, Jay-- I think you are getting it just right. I don't think we can really adjust to sanity with just about 100% of the external modern world intruding its insanity virtually 100% of the time. It has gotten so bad, particularly via advertising, that it is hard to parse the nonsense.. i mean what is a signal to noise ratio with no signal? Or, actually try and think about what it means when someone says "whiter than white, cleaner than clean".

So you are correct-- to try and land an everyday experience into the bullseye of some level of sanity requires one to pare away this nonsense-- and in our world the only reasonable way to do this is to chuck it-- and the complexity that creates it-- in favor of a simple approach...

Is this what you are driving at?