Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pavement is the answer! Is Jesus the question?

Mind you all, like everywhere else in the world I expect there's some sort of territorial pissing match going on about who is going to be in control of the world's future. For myself, I only fight winnable battles, and I'm afraid just surviving this one will be a victory. Endurance is my forte. That being said, here in Hawaii, it's all about the pro-growth forces who haven't figured out yet, or more likely don't care--that if you paved every square inch of the island it might impact tourism, huh? We could still have laser light shows, right? -- never mind it would preclude everything else, like agriculture or families or a quiet still night sky or other trivial things like that. . .--and those who understand what's actually going on here and what needs to be preserved.

What needs to be preserved most preciously is the lifestyle, every bit as much as the land, or anything else. All else follows. If you preserve the lifestyle, you will preserve the forest, or the reefs, or the taro patches, and all the rest too. The more complicated the pro-growth people make life the less likely anyone will have the time to sit around on the porch and have a good time with friends playing music. The more expensive they make life the more likely people will steal koa or hapu'u ferns out of the forest to pay their property tax. I'm not kidding. It's wholly corollary. Of course we all know that by now, don't we? I mean really?

Anyway, take a listen to good Darren here and his buddies.

This is authenticity.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

Thanks for the nod of authenticity.(A lot of the times authentically cheesed-out notes in my guitar-playing's case!) Still, I gotta say I got into this online jazz partially 'cause I cyber-stumbled onto an online interview where you were letting the motor-sailors know that they might be wankers. I thought.."yes we can!!".. well, no, not exactly, but I did hear a kindred spirit. So, between the 8 gooney-years of Dick Cheney finally ending (well, to an extent anyway) and hearing some sensible ideas from the murk of cyberspace, I thought I'd hang a shingle too. So coming from you, it means something. Look forward to working on some more tangible stuff! Mahalo, Darren