Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Truth Always Prevails:

Unfortunately, it generally prevails far too late to matter. . .

In the interest of education, I have found a wonderfully thoughtful source for a very sensible and rigorous look into sustainable energy. Many of us have a high degree of technical illiteracy when it comes to such things--and we can't expect to make either good personal choices or have an understanding of policy choices without being conversant in the details. I'd really recommending either purchasing--or taking advantage of the free PDF. download here. Print yourself a copy, and form an informed opinion before it's too late.

Really, it's a valuable a piece and is worth a look.


mrostron said...

Some things, like cars, are way more energy efficient if simply used differently. For example: a 1962 Chevy Impala with a big six might get 18mpg or so if it is kept tuned up. That's not great mileage, unless you have eight drunken Cubans (or Hawaiians, Irishmen, etc.) driving around town. Simple math tells you that car is operating way more efficiently than a Honda Civic transporting only the driver! Realistically, that Impala is getting 144mpg! Everybody pile into Jay's truck and lets head to Hilo for a night on the town...We'll pick up some essential supplies before we hit the bars, just to make the trip really fuel efficient!

Anonymous said...

Started reading "Without the Hot Air" on-line yesterday. As Jay states, it's very accessible to even a non-technical idiot (like myself). I also like the book's "fair and balanced" approach (with apologies to Fox News for stealing their bs).

It's worth reading. This will be a one-chapter-a-day endeavor until I'm done.