Friday, December 12, 2008

But really, it's this one

this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang, but with a whimper


mrostron said...

I doubt we can expect much in the way
of rational behavior from most people regardless of the threats.
Rather than explain my view here I'll simply point out my recent blog post on the subject.

Darren said...

After reading your essay (lethesbootslist), which, I reckon, posits the tenet, "we'd be better off if we thought more rationally", I'm compelled to comment that "consistent rational thought" may have destructive qualities worthy of contemplation. I'd add that "creative application of scientific thinking" and "standardized education" are full of their own superstitions, albeit more obfuscated than say, some creative shaman-dude sucking on quartz to make it rain.

I'm glad you added quotes to "advanced nations." One of the more destructive effects of unbalanced science-thought (which many of us were fed as the new religion..remember Mr. Wizard..and that whole moon-landing expenditure?), is that if the rational thought brought "rational methods" i.e. technology, well then we should certainly implement them (more like monetize and market them these days - Hiroshima and Iraq being more violent versions). I've taught in schools that have used technology in ways that is pretty friggen' exploitive..and this is of children..done by technocrats that apparently took 'standardized education' at its face value.

I also don't think "most any other human endeavour" can be just tagged on to "advances in metallurgy, chemistry, biology, the organization of electronic circuits" - the capacity for joy and community solidarity come to mind.

Rather, a dialectical relationship, between the living reality, and the historical reasoning, might be a better basis for peaceful liberty. (Maybe 'appropriate progress' is a topic worthy of consideration.)

As for what to do with those that just like to think a lot..It seems to me that this 'platform' that we're using right here ain't bad..not to say it can mend a broken heart or anything..

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading some more of your ideas. Mahalo.