Saturday, December 27, 2008

So, what will we do!?

Here is the crux--

Whatever it takes. It's what human beings always do. A lot of it will be very desperate and poorly thought out. A lot of people have a lot of ideas about it all. Surely, one thing is certain--life is going to be very different that what it was like a couple of years ago. We are coming from a society in which there was very little profit motive--at least for most people--to actively disregard law and order as a means to survival. As well, we have had a very well funded police presence. This allowed some people to draw the conclusion that we lived in a civil society. We are going to move to a world in which for many there will be a lot of reasons--at least from their perspective--to disregard law and order. In fact, for a lot of people it may be necessary to make decisions like--pay my taxes and lose my house, or commit fraud and keep it? A whole lot of people will be out there ripping stuff off. This isn't going to be a lot of fun, in fact it's going to get very tiresome. This whole attitude isn't going to be helped by the fact that the ultra-rich will be mostly exposed as a criminal class what have committed theft on the epic scale and more or less will walk away without any repercussions. Within the baboon troop, this is a very bad precident--for what monkey see, monkey do, or at least begins to feel entitled to do.

And of course the police department will have a tough time fueling vehicles, or hiring staff, or anything else. Jails will be packed, and funding for new ones will not exist. . .so. . .

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