Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the Future, everyone will have 15 minutes of anarchy.

Here we go, let's get a little perspective.

First, a mere six months ago, as I was accused of being unduly pessimistic.

Today--all this news from today, from one source.

This is representative of how the US is viewed around the world:

This is why:

Here is the result for stupid Americans who stood by and let this all go on unchallenged:

This poor sucker still thinks he's relevant:

What is "meltdown, you might ask? Here's what the US is going to look like in by next Christmas.


mrostron said...

Unfortunately, it may take rioting to enact change in this country too. I am old enough to recall the race riots and queer riots which ultimately led to greater legal rights for these two groups of citizens. Without the riots I doubt anything would have changed much. Ditto for the Viet Nam war. Every movement has its extremists, and they are necessary to get anything changed.
This time the super-wealthy and religious radical conservatives (of all stripes) must be the targets of our wrath. The only hope for mankind (little as that is) is for immediate population control, abolition of the right to acquire undue wealth,
and equal access to the world's recources for all citizens, subject to scientific, not superstitious regulation. (All religious leaders opposing population control to be immediately jailed and stripped of any positions of power or influence.)

jaywfitz said...

Hey, I thought you were accusing ME of being a radical!

You are right of course, but I expect it will happen by default. . .

Blue Pearl said...

A good post on the subject is from Dmitry Orlov's blog:

Some good comment as well.