Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's becoming a bit hard to account for the fact of the explosion in wildlife around here in the last few months. All sorts of stuff is certainly moving in which a year ago simply wasn't present or was just uncommon. Now, it's just not the case. I'm sure a little chicken scratch lures a few like the cardinals and the pheasants, but to see the Io and now the Hawaiian bats moving in was a bit of a surprise. It's not a simple matter of not seeing them before--the bird population isn't even pretending to be illusive at this point--a year ago one would scarcely see a thing no matter how hard one tried.

Certainly this is a positive development but I'm curious as to what is indeed the root cause.


Anonymous said...

Huh..curious you should mention that. It's been nice to see the i'o of late and an owl..hadn't seen/heard the bats. Do they make a typical bat sound? Incidentally, today I mentioned your blog in a little ditty at mine.. if'n ya get bored. I'm not gonna ask if it's raining up your way..

mrostron said...

That blog by Alan should be read by all who visit here. On a recent visit
Jay, the writer of this blog, introduced me to the magic of the Koa forests. You residents of Hawaii should all be doing everything in your power to save these magnificent woodlands - legal or not!

kohledfusion said...

My scientific guess is that planting & turning the soil has brought in insects. Since the understory is cleared in your garden the bigger critters can see, and feed on, your bugs.

I also think the mojo at your place and your respect for the aina is bringing them in. The BI seems to bless and reward folks who act as responsible stewards.

Thanks again for letting me visit. Your place is fantastic. The taro is happy, so far, in a smaggy 5 gallon bucket of mud :)

jaywfitz said...

Thanks to all of that. My Koa here are doing very nicely!

The bats make no noise but "thunk" when they hit the house, which is rarely anyhow. They're solitary apparently, so one will only see them on occasion.

IslandNotes, I appreciated your attitude and will add yours to the local blog role, Mikes too if he wishes. . .Erin too! If she starts writing something. . .

kohledfusion said...

Ha, OK, here you go: Warning that I do sing your praises, so be prepared to blush.

Thanks for reminding me to update the darn thing!

jaywfitz said...

Thanks, I did blush.

By the way, I've the most ingenious design for the food dryer/hot water/rocket stove combo! So don't do a thing until we talk about that. You can draw plans.

mrostron said...

Not much to do with this blog, but here is mine:

Anonymous said...

Fitz -

I think you are just becoming more aware of your surroundings.

Maybe also looking at other sources of food protein.

Trust me on this... I know a dude who ate a gecko on a dare... He wouldn't do it again for twice the amount of money he received for that dare... (the things someone will do for $10.00)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the inclusion there.

I'm glad you got a chance to spock my site. Come check out my homestead sometime and vice-versa. aloha.