Friday, September 12, 2008

Comparing "Land-steading" to "Sea-steading"

Again it comes to mind really how very efficient a sea-steading lifestyle can prove to be, especially because it is one of the rare opportunities to live in expensively in an area of urban density when employment, materials, or repairs are needed, and to live for free in remote areas when you DON'T have those needs. One an engineless sailboat of moderate size one's fuel consumption will be measured in pints, not gallons or hundreds of gallons, and it impresses me yet again how well it measures up.

Unless the "land" can compensate by its inherently more productive nature, which I think it can, homesteading is a whole lot less ecologically benign. Most of this is due to the fact that "homesteading" isn't held to near the level of effeciency and use of space that one on a sailboat might make, but to achieve the goals here that level will need to be approached.

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