Friday, September 26, 2008


Certainly any meaningful progressive actions must have their root core in non-materialist living. Already our core cultural values are beginning to change, mostly by necessity. . .but we have a very very long way to go to get our personal levels of consumption to historically sensible terms. The average American will require a 90% reduction in consumption and expenditure to get within striking range of ethical or sustainable living, and this dirty little secret is something the evangels of ecology, especially those preaching "simple living" while living on a trust fund are not too often to bring up.

Still, at this moment facing a very poor economic future with grave uncertainties regarding commodities scarcity and climate, it would be hard to argue that paring back one's expenses, saving all one possibly could and living as minimally as one could is a bad idea. In fact, it's never been a bad idea--it's simply, until recently, been a counter cultural idea. Without a consumptive lifestyle, even not so long ago, it was very difficult to maintain any sort of social group. . .by necessity, this is rapidly changing.

Interesting times, for sure. I doubt much in terms of human values we currently hold will survive the century.

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