Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why you cannot possibly win, except on a personal level.

First, look here.

Now tell me that your driving a hybrid makes for a better world. . .looks like all you're doing is freeing up a little jet fuel for others to play with.

Still, on a personal level, you can and will win. You will retain your sense of integrity and humanity, and you won't likely starve to death. I'd say both of these are big pluses.

Anyway, it's interesting to ponder such lifestyles and people while congress steps to bail out banks, with intent to pass legislation in a record 5 days--meanwhile the health care debate drabbles on for years and years, and all other stuff is obviously ridiculous, and fat cat environmentalists like Kennedy and Travolta encourage us all to "cut back on our personal consumption."


subgenius said...

See its things like this that make me want it all to come crashing down, and the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...


Just added your blogroll to mine.


Ed Hoban said...

Hey, what's the ratio of water to human waste? Dealing with human waste will be of enormous importance when systems fail. Whether a methane digester can deal with them I don't know. Humanure, as it is called, contains more harmful pathogens than your average shit. There is a great book on how to safely compost human waste called The Humanure Handbook. Check it out.

Owen said...

And even that may be delusional. See: