Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A late thought.

A bit exhausted this eve from lugging rock and cutting wood. . .

My initial observations toward reducing the footprint are these: grasp the low hanging fruit. I already live very minimally in consumption in my housing and manner--in fact at this point I can get very close to the level of consumption that I enjoyed(enjoyed not having) when I first attempted all this, successfully, and much more unfashionably, on RENEGADE. My biggest issue in bringing my level of consumption near equitable terms is in energy consumption. This will be a very difficult issue because my livelihood is, in clear terms, very energy intensive. I'm not happy about that, but it's clear that even though I might live in a 300 square foot house, grow all my own food, and ohm shanti my ass off in my spare time, I'm still living on a scale of unsustainablity near an order of magnitude beyond what is needed at this moment, with global population where it is.

It may be that this "task" is an impossibility. If so, it is worth discovering this as well. If sustainability is impossible within any sensible definition of livability--we can be certain that human beings will consume until the very moment that there is nothing left. . .and then all hell breaks loose. If so, this project, again, will still be a success. . .

Why? I'll be prepared and practiced living, well, on what is actually sustainable. At that moment there will be no other option.

Why not? When I started sailing I wanted one goal--to become a damn fine sailor. That, well, to my satisfaction I feel I've achieved. I'm at the moment applying the same skill set to living in general: to take on the task with the intent to win. Not to prove anything to anybody but myself--some might suggest perhaps that's self-indulgent. . .

I might suggest perhaps that's the definition of sanity.

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bott said...

I infact took the test, and ended up with 2.7 earths... maybe fudging a bit much on how much local food we actually consume.

The main point that i took home from that (and is reinforced by your quiz results) is that we do need, as a whole, to drastically simplify but also that the world is vastly overpopulated. the notion that we can sustain as a species without a necessary, major population decline is wrong, IMHO.

nice new blog, look forward to reading and learning more.

-eric (the beard) in seattle