Monday, September 22, 2008

Something else worth thinking about.

Methane waste digesters are rapidly becoming the most effective way of dealing with wastes in poor and rural areas around the world. The technology is certainly applicable and cost effective for a small homestead in areas with a high enough average temperatures. If you're unfamiliar with the technology, take a look.

Of course, like near everything else one needs to do to prepare for the future, certainly this is in violation of some law or another. But, remember, the need for survival may trump compliance! A little bit of pirate attitude may well be warranted.


mrostron said...

I wasn't at first sure why you changed from your earlier commonstrike site, but now I see why. Your focus is different, and the site itself seems to function better. I may comment more specifically later, but for now just wanted to compliment you on the well organized and informative site.

Ed Hoban said...

Hey, what's the ratio of water to human waste? Dealing with human waste will be of enormous importance when systems fail. Whether a methane digester can deal with them I don't know. Humanure, as it is called, contains more harmful pathogens than your average shit. There is a great book on how to safely compost human waste called The Humanure Handbook. Check it out.