Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today, I said to myself, "Self, You're going to win on this game."

And I do believe so. I feel confident within 6 months I'll be in a position to declare my 3 acres and lifestyle "self-sufficient and THEN some" being in a position so if and when I go to work, those earnings either go to play money, pocket change, or means to re-invest in infrastructure. Thank God I've done this sort of thing before, and my boats operated as such--I've never done it with dirt before, but must say all in all it's a lot cheaper and easier, all in all.

That's really no small deal, I guess. It's only my hubris I suppose that makes me think I'm behind the game. I showed up with a sack of cordless tools and a machete not even a year ago and I'm striking distance within the status of a functional farm.

There are keys to playing this game, and I can emphasize a three big ones..

1) Owe no one anything. Money, or else wise. Pay your debts and expect the same.
2) Simplify in the extreme. It's a lot easier to pare one's style of living to a level of frugality, with skills and attitude, than it is to try to pump one's income to the level of one's indulgences.
3) Own nothing that doesn't earn its keep, whether tools, property, toys. . .etc.

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Gary said...

Hi Jay...congrats on your efforts. I recollect as a youngster growing up in Northern Ontario fish, game, gardens and a big cook stove. Seemed nothing exceptional...just the way we lived. Now, with my kids grown I left Ontario for the sea and have lived aboard past 3 years. Gradually the euphoria of sailing has mellowed but still stirs the blood. I do find myself being drawn back again to the land. Homesteading is again on the menu for me. Look forward to reading your homesteading blog.