Friday, October 24, 2008


So some have commented on the black granite countertops in the photos. . .a bit excessive in the cabin, they say?

Well, maybe. I guess I could have used pig pat.

The fact is I like black granite, and at 5 bucks a square foot there's 150 bucks worth of it.

Or 30 six packs worth.

Or two tanks of gas.

Or 75 lbs of sweet potatoes.

And the truth is, the black granite will be the only thing still here in 50 years.


Laurel Plum said...

Sounds like a very worthwhile investment that you gave a lot of thought. It is my first time here, so I am going to look around a bit. I am very interested in your theme.

subgenius said...

My eco-building mentor was a fan of items that have longevity, add to your enjoyment of your space, and can be re-used in later construction.

You score on all counts.

Dave said...
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