Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little lesson in Economics and the Money Supply:

This brought to my attention: it's worth a watch. Informative and a fair treatment of a very rarely understood topic.

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RadioRay said...

Oh Yes!

This is a superb lesson and actually rather entertaining. Since we are children, we're told that our money is 'saved' at the bank. First of all, most of us don't use money - we carry script (notes) instead, but that's another story. This video REALLY breaks the grip of the global banking system on a persons' mind. NEXT step is understand that those in power are not going to let this prime tool of tyrant out of their hands without a fight.

Banker prints $100 in bills on the spot - 'Here, I'm loaning you money. You owe me $105 or you'll loose everything'. It's a shell game. Magnify that multiple millions of times and you beging to realize that it's NOT the loans paid off that give them more wealth; it's the loans defaulted on that yield them realsetate, property AND most of the time, the money 'they would have made' plus interest/penalty.

Well back to work. I have 700 Billion worth of my labor (after taxes) to give to skanky banksters.

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