Friday, October 17, 2008

Something Else That Can Get In the Way of Simplicity

This sent to me today. God, so funny I near pee'd myself. Sigh. . .

I take it she thought moving out of the "cage" and back to the "Savannah" wasn't such a hot idea.

We need to work on this kind of getting along a bit too, I expect.


Shawn said...

Poor guy- all he wants is to simply live simply. Love is grand... and love hurts. I can totally relate.

subgenius said...



You might want to experiment with capsaicin cream (chilli peppers) as a topical application. It reduces decapeptide substance p (stuff in sinovial fluid that has a strong relationship to pain and also corrodes cartilage). It has been shown to be effective in about 60% of arthritis cases as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent.

There is also a substance called DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) - unfortunately not growable - that is pretty much a universal solvent and is particularly good at getting stuff through the skin (think ~needleless injection). In your position it might be worth investigating a mixture of DMSO and capsaicin (dried and powdered chillis/cayenne pepper/chopped fresh chillis in dmso should all work) as an emergency linament.

If you go DIY you want the hottest chillis you can find. Comes in handy for curries too...

I will try to find some more growable medicinals for your condition/climate.

Anonymous said...

I said you could use the picture from the Newspaper... Not the one of my wife and me!